onsdag den 12. maj 2010

Let off some steam

Here it is. We shot this in Queens New York after giving a performance at the legendary Apollo Theatre. We did the video in an old Paint Factory, it was mad crazy and scary like taken out of a horror flick. After sunset there was no light in the building and the only bathroom was on the 3. floor deep inside the building so everyone who had to take natures call went outside:) We shot it back in January with only 3 degrees inside the building and since it was meant to be a spring/summer video we had to act and dress like it. Yet again the video is shot by the great Ridwan Adhami who also shot Keep the record on play.

5 kommentarer:

  1. wow! Thats amazing! U all really acted well, video is great!

  2. Great great tune, Also loved the artwork done on the canvas.
    Cheers Os in Cali

  3. yay amazing vid really well done big moro
    Lookin good lenny :D

  4. Greaaaat !! I'm simply in love with it! It must be your best video ever <3


  5. Great work! I like so much it, a simple history talled, but, in my opinion, it's great the way that you changed the roles, the expected roles, about dancer; ususally were men, and you showed us young women. You showed women in diferents and unexpected roles, not as sexual dolls, but talking to the person inside the body, the focus isn't the body. Same happened with the painter, hip-hop-boy, cannot alowed to artistic drawings, as we expect... but a painter is always an artist!...
    Thanks for the song!